Targeted Sales Copy Works.

Let’s get right to the point:

You need copy that generates sales and puts cash in your pocket.

I write copy that generates sales and puts cash in your pocket.

It’s nice when things work out like that.


Now, you probably have one question in your mind.

“Can this guy really do what he says he can?”

Allow me to answer that with a question of my own:

Does a Head Chef Just Assume He Knows What You Want for Dinner?

Let’s suppose for a minute that you’re the head chef of a fancy restaurant. Your client (the restaurant) is in the business of selling food and drink to its customers (and with it, ambiance and an all-around upscale experience).

Now let’s say that, when each order comes in, you take what the server has written down and throw it in the trash. You don’t even look at what the customer ordered. Instead, you just start throwing together ingredients based on what you believe the customer wants.

And you send the entrée out the door, fully expecting the customer to love it.
How many of those customers do you think are going to:

  • Feel like they got the experience they came for?
  • Tell everyone how great your restaurant is?
  • Come back at all?

Almost none, right? If you keep doing that long enough (and don’t get fired first), the restaurant you’re working for is going to go out of business.

So What Does My “Head Chef” Analogy Have to Do With Your Business?

That’s exactly how most copywriters operate.

They’re the “head chefs” you hire to create copy to sell your products.

But instead of finding out what your customers want and need… they simply assume they know… and hurriedly whip up copy that they think will motivate your customers to buy.

It saves copywriters a lot of time.

It lets them lure in clients with cheap, fast copy.

But it doesn’t do your bank account any favors.

Sales Copy Can’t Sell if it Doesn’t Resonate with Your Prospects!

Going back to the restaurant analogy, each customer that comes in has different wants and needs.

Some like thick slabs of red meat. Others prefer chicken. Still others are vegetarian. And then there are those who are allergic to one ingredient or another.

But how would you know unless you’re paying attention to what the customer says and does?

Your audience, like each customer in the hypothetical restaurant, is different from the next entrepreneur’s audience. They have unique wants and needs that your product can fulfill.

Unless your copywriter knows for sure what those wants and needs are, though… your sales copy isn’t going to sell jack squat!

But When You Get Expertly Targeted Sales Copy… the Game Changes.

A good copywriter – one who cares about your success – will dive in and find out what makes your customers tick. He’ll listen to what your prospects say and find out what frustrates them. And he’ll pay attention to how they talk and what words they choose, so that he can speak their language.

He’ll write copy that speaks directly to their wants and needs – and in a way that they can relate to – so that they know that buying from you is the obvious choice.

Your prospects trust you, because your sales copy shows that you “get them.” And they want to buy, because your copy has tapped deeply into their thoughts and emotions.

Long story short, you get more sales. (And who could complain about that?)

I Do What Other Copywriters Won’t… So That I Can Get You Results That They Can’t.

I’ve been doing this a long time – eight years, to be precise. So I know that what I think your customers want to hear is probably dead wrong.

That’s why I go find out what makes them tick.

I go to the source – the prospects themselves – to learn what they need and want… what it is about your competitors’ products that disappoints them… and how I can position your product as the answer they’ve been hoping for.

It’s not the fast way. It’s tedious and sometimes downright maddening. But it makes my clients a lot of money. And that’s what keeps them coming back. In fact, I have an 82% re-hire rate (not too shabby for a guy who works in his pajamas).


By the way… you’ve probably noticed that this page is missing a few things that you’ll typically find on sales copywriters’ websites, such as:

  • Glaring, super-hypey headlines in 60 point type
  • A million exclamation marks!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Annoying overuse of bold type
  • Photoshopped “screenshots” of my clients’ earnings
  • 8,000 words of self-indulgent malarkey designed to wear you down and make you buy from me right freakin’ now.

That’s because I don’t need those things. I stand by every piece of copy I write. What I do works, and it makes my clients money.

I guarantee it. If the copy I craft isn’t exactly what you need, I’ll keep working for you until I get it perfect.

Are You Ready to Get Targeted Sales Copy that Works?

If you’re serious about your success and want sales copy that turns your visitors into long-term buyers, I’d love to talk to you.

Shoot me an email at and tell me a bit about you and your product or service.

We’ll set up a time to chat (usually via phone or Skype) so that we can talk about your goals.

After that, if you’re ready to put me to work creating your targeted sales copy, I’ll move mountains to get you the high-converting copy you deserve.

If not, no worries – I’m not going anywhere, so I’ll be here when you are ready to move forward with your project. Fair enough?

(Yes, I know that asking you to connect with me one-on-one is kind of “low tech” these days. But I believe that it’s the best way to make sure I provide exceptional copy for you.)

One Last Thing…

You’ve probably already figured this out by now, but I’m not the guy you’re looking for if you need sales copy in the next six hours… or if you’re hoping to spend just a few sheckels and get copy that will make you a million bucks. I won’t charge you $10,000 or take three months to write for you… but I do insist on working only with clients who know and respect the value of exceptional sales copy.

Sound fair? Good. Then email me at and let’s get started!